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About "Thee" HeARTist

    Meet Samantha "❤️Sam" Mellerson, B.S., M.B.A., a Baltimore-born entrepreneur, artist, model, real estate developer, investor, philanthropist, and visionary. Originally from the Westside of Baltimore City, Sam's artistic journey began in 2009 when diagnosed with Lupus. Seeking an outlet, she found solace in sketching on Post-It-Notes, capturing childhood cartoon figures and later depicting herself during each stage of her illness.

    What started as a therapeutic process has grown into a collection of over 30 captivating "Fro-Babes." Despite facing challenges, Sam's artwork has triumphed in Business Pitch competitions, becoming a best-seller. Unfortunately, success has also brought challenges, making her a victim of infringement. Today, Sam's "Fro-Babes" stand as iconic symbols of resilience and creativity. Explore this unique collection, where every piece tells a powerful story of strength and individuality.